Reef sun care is the embodiment of summer. When you open a bottle of Reef and experience that signature coconut smell, you know it’s time to play.  

The history of Reef

Reef has been an iconic sun care brand since its launch in the 1970’s. Ever since it first hit the shelves, Reef products have always stood out as the look and scent of long summer days.

From its origin as a tanning oil and lotion, Reef as a brand has evolved to encompass the sun smart attitudes of today. Now, the Reef range includes products with higher SPF than ever before in their traditional sunscreen lotions.

One thing that hasn’t changed though, is our attitude to skin. Our goal has always been and always will be to give you that gorgeous summer glow that comes from healthy, hydrated skin. The oils we use in our moisturising formulations ensure you can play the day away, while we take care of nourishing your skin – all that’s left for you is to enjoy your summer!

Frequently asked questions about our Reef


Reef products are made in Australia.


Reef was originally launched in the 1970s.


Known for its famous coconut scented oils and carefree, fun nature, Reef has evolved to introduce higher SPF to their traditional sunscreen products.